July 10, 2013Bearbeiten


If words could dance this would be a rave. Even though I've never been to one. But who cares because I GOT INTO BLACKWELL ACADEMY, a unique and famous private school for seniors! NO KIDS ALLOWED! I didn't think I would be so excited since it's not like I didn't used to live in the same town. But when I saw the text from the Blackwell scholarship office, I could literally feel my pulse speed up.

I thought it was going to say, "Sorry! Thanks for playing!" It took me a few seconds before I read the whole thing. I guess I wanted to enjoy that last moment of blissful ignorance. And when I saw the first word, "Congratulations ..." I think I screamed.

My mom cried, and my dad laughed. They're so weird. But they're happy and this means extra financial support because they don't have to pay anything to Blackwell. This means new clothes and if I can work it, a new laptop.

Oh, and I have to keep telling myself in caps that I AM GOING TO BLACKWELL ACADEMY.

August 18, 2013 Bearbeiten

So this is it. I'm leaving Seattle to go back to Arcadia Bay. Usually people go to the High School closest to home. I suppose I am too, it's just I haven't lived there for 5 years. Out of all the best photography programs in the world, I choose to go to the smallest, back in a town I was excited about leaving.

Maybe I wanted to come back all along, just to see if Chloe and I are still even friends. But I do wish Chloe could have moved with us to Seattle ... That city was made for her. When we would play pirates in our rooms and in the woods, it seemed like Seattle was that fabled faraway island of treasure and adventure that we were always seeking. With coffee shops.

But Seattle wasn't like a fable. Au contraire. Now Blackwell Academy seems more exotic to me than any other place in the world. To study photography under Mark Jefferson ... SIGH. Insert hearts and flowers. Plus there will be cool diverse students from everywhere. It won't be like my high school now ... I never really found a groove with my classmates. (Or boys ...) I'm lucky I have a couple great friends here. But it's time to ship out.

So maybe Arcadia Bay will actually turn out to be the island of treasure and adventure I've been looking for ...

August 25, 2013 Bearbeiten

Shit is krazy here. I didn't realize how much crap I had to pack until I had to pack all my crap. Mom and Dad are gettin' a little too excited I'm clearing out my room. Tho I caught mom crying when she was packing my shirts.

That made me want to cry like a little girl. And never leave Seattle. So instead of packing, I feel like burning all my clothes, then just raiding a thrift store to build up a new Max wardrobe over my junior year. Not that I even have an old Max wardrobe.

Nobody will know me except for Chloe and who knows how different we are now. So I can cut my hair, get a tat and some piercings ... Maybe date a cute foreign exchange artiste from Paris or Rome. I can do anything. Unless I get busted.

And there will be so many supercool chances for my photography to get exposed! Thinking about that is when I get scared, but excited. And then I don't feel like crying at all. I get tingles down my arms, sensing the universe opening up for me. I can't wait to leave.

I just want things to be ... different at Blackwell.

September 2, 2013, 12:07am Bearbeiten

My first entry from my new dorm room the night before my first day at Blackwell. Whew! I haven't had any time to write or even take pictures since I got here. My shit is in boxes all over the room, which is small, but mine, and I never want to leave. I can't wait to decorate! I plan a whole wall o' photos. I did meet some of my dorm mates, tho I suck at remembering names so I won't bother right now. But I think I can already see who's going to be cool to me and who's not. It's a bitch trying to get settled into a new school and social scene after I finally found good friends in Seattle.

But I'm here now, and this is the start of my new life. Sweet dreams.

September 3, 2013 Bearbeiten

Blackwell sucks ass! I told myself not to whine so soon, but damn ... The day started like Christmas morning. I barely had any dreams because I was so pumped to start my first official day of my new life. Like a dork I couldn't figure out what to wear, so I chose what was on the floor. I'm not good with names and faces right away, but I picked up some names like Kate, Brooke, Taylor, Alyssa ...

And how could I forget Victoria Chase? Rich, stylish, entitled. I could feel INSTANT JUDGEMENT when she looked at my raggedy ass clothes. As if I'm at Blackwell to strike fashion poses ... Maybe I'm being extra crispy sensitive, but I think Victoria wants life here to be like her own reality show. Ugh ...

So that wasn't fun along with my general social unease ... I thought it would be easier being back. Call the waaahmbulance! I don't want this day to end all "Woe Is Max". It was incredible to walk across the green campus in the morning mist. I love the stone steps and brick walls of Blackwell. Everything is a picture waiting to be taken ... Speaking of, at least one great thing did happen today: Mr. Jefferson's photography class. Sigh ...

There's more to tell but journal, forgive me, I'm truly wiped out.

September 4, 2013 Bearbeiten

I have an assload of homework already. So much bullshit. At least give us noobs a day to acclimate. But, to prove I'm not a total loser, I made a new friend in my science class. His name is Warren Graham and he's a serious geek, plus he's dark and witty.

He comes across as kind of a know-it-all, but it turns out he does kind of know a lot. We talked about photographers, and he actually named a few I'd never heard of. We traded numbers and he'll be a good study partner (or a good friend). I'll need at least one based on the clique action here. I thought being 18 meant I didn't have to deal with this teenage drama anymore. I THOUGHT.

At least I get to research famous photographers for some of my homework. Mr. Jefferson assigned us a ton of reading, but this is exactly what I want to study. Jefferson is supercool and superchill. He doesn't try to be too hip, just says what he thinks and expects us to as well. I think he's a genius. OMG I WANT TO MARRY HIM. Just joking. This one class is worth all the social dysfunction.

September 15, 2013 Bearbeiten

Homework is kicking my ass. I bet the teachers grade harder just to stop you from feeling special. But Victoria Chase and her snob minions still front like they're honored guests of Blackwell. The bros here aren't that different. Nathan Prescott is Victoria's male clone, with way more money and attitude, if that's possible.

His family is the oldest in Arcadia Bay and I heard stories about them when I was a kid. The Prescotts give a shitload of bank to Blackwell, so Nathan acts like he literally owns the school. Yesterday during class, he put his feet on the desk, started texting and the teacher didn't say jack!

I'd get suspended. But him and Victoria are part of this silly elite "Vortex Club" that puts on popular parties and so they get their way. It's good to be the king and queen. I don't want to slam everybody. I do like Kate Marsh, she's down the hall and in one of my classes. She's so pretty AND sweet and friendly. It makes her more beautiful than the beeatches here like Victoria who think beauty is just your face and outfit. See? I'm already playing their drama games. No more!

September 23, 2013 Bearbeiten

Finally had the chance to take some actual shots around campus today. A perfect blue sky day. I always forget how great I feel after I take pictures when I've been slacking off. Speaking of pictures, Mr. Jefferson told us about the national "Everyday Heroes" photo contest he wants us all to enter. The winner gets a trip to San Francisco and lots of publicity. He wants just one photograph from each student. This is exactly why I wanted to come to Blackwell and of course I'm scared shitless to enter. At least I have a couple weeks before the deadline in October. So I have plenty of time to stress and procrastinate. Sigh.

September 30, 2013 Bearbeiten

I don't know whether I love it or hate it here. I'm trying to keep up with my science class of all things. Like I give a shit or even understand it. Good thing I know Warren. Too bad I can't clone him to take my place in class.

Ms. Grant is much cooler than the class. She explains particle physics so even boneheads like me can kinda understand. I love how she relates society to science and vice versa. I can tell she's committed and passionate about life. Unlike some of us in her class, but I'm trying to engage more, even if it means asking actual questions in class instead of hiding in the back. I'm just glad I'm not the only social misfit here.

Now how much homework are you avoiding?

October 1, 2013 Bearbeiten

October. My favorite month. The best weather of the year. I love watching the leaves change color, turning into tiny flames. But it's still too damn hot (thanks global warming) and I can't bust out the big coats and sweaters or scary movies yet. Soon. Kate let me borrow The October Country by Ray Bradbury.

I haven't read much by him (which caused Warren to almost revoke my geek cred card before I held up my copy of "Battle Royale") but he nails the autumn atmosphere of small towns. The last time I wore a Halloween costume was with Chloe ... I have pictures in one of my old albums ...

I should find a real Halloween party to crash so I can experience some social mingling. It's that or a Vortex Club strokefest swimming party. Or is that backstrokefest? You so punny, Max.

At least I'm trying to climb out of my cocoon. I shouldn't expect my life to completely change after a few weeks of Blackwell Academy. As my parents love telling me on a loop, "You have all the time in the world."

Monday Bearbeiten

October 7 Bearbeiten

This will be the weirdest journal entry I will ever make. So weird I don't know how or where to start. But it started with the most vivid dream of my life. I was lost in a storm by the lighthouse until I came to the edge of the cliff.

Then I saw a giant tornado headed for Arcadia Bay. It was so real that I could feel the rain stinging my face. And I was scared shitless. Then a boat hit the lighthouse and I swear I actually felt like I was going to die.

But I woke up in Mr. Jefferson's class and I wasn't even sleeping. I almost fell out of my chair. Jefferson called on me but I totally blew the answer. Of course Victoria pounced on me and made me look like a bigger idiot. She's so awful. Then I didn't have the guts to turn in a photo for the "Everyday Heroes" contest while Victoria did her usual suck-up to Jefferson. He's so cool and he clearly wants me to succeed.

I felt so shitty. I just wanted to get to the bathroom to be alone and wash my face after that nightmare. Or daymare. Once I got to the bathroom I saw this odd beautiful blue butterfly flutter in and right when I took a photo of it in the corner, Nathan Prescott came in freaking out, talking to himself. I hid in the corner and this punk girl came in and they started arguing about drugs and money. Then Nathan actually whipped out a gun and SHOT the girl.

This is where it gets strange.

When Nathan fired the gun I came around the corner and reached out for some dumb reason, as if I could stop the bullet. But suddenly I could feel the world twisting around me and this pressure in my head, everything seemed to rewind and I found myself right back in class at my desk!

I literally thought I had been dosed with some drug until I calmed myself down. I saw everything happen in class the way it did before. Major Groundhog Day-ja vue.

Somehow I was able to actually rewind time.

I knew the only way to find out if I was having a breakdown was to go back to the bathroom and see if I could save that girl from Nathan this time. I had no idea how either. I just knew I couldn't live with myself if I let her die again. I escaped Jefferson this time by knowing exactly how to answer his questions and rushed to the bathroom.

I hid in the corner again and I couldn't believe it when Nathan showed up, freaking out all over again.

Then the girl came into the bathroom, and before Nathan could shoot her, I smashed open the ancient fire alarm and scared both of them away. Victory!

... Until I got grilled by the security chief, David Madsen, who thinks he's Chuck Norris: Blackwell Ranger.

Nathan Prescott almost kills a girl in the bathroom but no, I'M THE PROBLEM. I was so glad when Principal Wells stepped in to shoo David away.

  • Tell on Nathan
  • Hide the Truth

Then I made the possibly fatal decision to inform Principal Wells that I saw Nathan waving a gun in the bathroom. I didn't think I should mention the girl, or my new rewind abilities, for obvious reasons.He didn't want to believe me and almost made me feel like shit for telling him that Blackwell's most big fucking deal student would carry a firearm to class. I couldn't tell him that he actually killed a girl in a previous timeline ...

Everything feels so surreal right now. I can't talk to anybody about this, well ... The only person I could, I haven't seen in five years. I could confide in Warren, he's smart and knows science, so maybe he could even think of an explanation. Though I have no idea what that could be.

Until I can figure this out, I better stay on the down low with this stuff and focus on my classes. Warren sent me a text asking for his flash drive back, even though I haven't had chance to check out all the cool shows and films on there.

I watched a few episodes of Doctor Who and X-Files; binged on Fullmetal Alchemist; then Faster,_Pussycat!_Kill!_Kill! (all kinds of Amazon women black and white badassery); Tetsuo (a total cyberpunk trip with amazing visuals); and Scott Pilgrim(for about the millionth time).

On a side note, I saw a "Missing Persons" poster on campus for "Rachel Amber" a pretty Blackwell student who vanished. It's so sad to see her smiling face and think about the awful things that could happen. If there was a way for me to rewind back six months, I totally would.

I had to go back to the dorm to get Warren's flash drive and yes, Victoria and her Vortex Vixens blocked me from getting in, and even took my picture ... It was so "high school movie" I can't believe she did it.

She actually told me to "Go fuck your selfie" though, it was funny. I don't know why she has to act that way. She already has everything she wants, doesn't she? And she forced me to use my rewind until I finally came up with a way to get her out of my way. I don't want to use this power for trivial bullshit, especially if I have been given an actual "gift" from the universe, but it did give me a chance to test it out.

  • Comfort Victoria
  • Take Victoria's Picture

But I felt like shit seeing Victoria sitting there by herself on the steps covered in paint. She didn't look like the Queen Beeatch of Blackwell, just a lonely girl as confused as me. I knew I had to find out if she was okay. She was actually nice and apologized. She even deleted the picture she took of me off her phone. So maybe there's hope for the future.

More high school drama ... Juliet wouldn't let Dana out of her room because she thought Zachary was sexting Dana. So stupid. I was so tired from everything, and since Dana borrowed Warren's flash drive, I had to intervene.

Juliet told me that Victoria was the one who gave her the inside scoop on Zach and Dana, so I knew that Victoria was playing them all. I snuck into Victoria's room and onto her laptop and found out that she was indeed lying through her ass just to create drama. Of course, I felt like a weasel going through Victoria's room and laptop.

  • Don't talk about the pregnancy
  • Talk about the rumour

Once I gave Juliet the proof that Victoria was behind it all, I went to get Warren's flash drive from Dana. She was in a weird mood, but we said nasty things about Victoria and I think it definitely made her feel better. We talked about Warren and Dana implied that he likes me. Ew.

  • Save Alyssa from the Football
  • Don't Save Alyssa

I'm starting to get the hang of this whole rewind thing. I don't want to waste this power, but there has to be a reason it was given to me, so I better learn how to use it right. I started by saving Alyssa from getting a football fueled headshot. I admit it felt amazing just to help Alyssa with something as simple as that.

  • Intervene
  • Take the picture

I also saw David Madsen hassling Kate Marsh. I couldn't hear everything, but he was accusing her of something. All that guy can do is point fingers! I got so pissed I went over to stop him from being such a bully. He's a security guard, not a stormtrooper. He was an asshole (as usual) but I felt good about what I did and Kate seemed truly happy that somebody stood up for her. And I did that without using my rewind power.

This day keeps getting stranger. I don't even believe what I'm writing. And I can't even do a simple task like giving Warren back his flash drive without getting into a situation.

In this case though, it turned out half bad and half good, which I guess is the yin and yang of life. When I met with Warren in the lot and checked out his new retro-wheels, guess who showed up? Nathan Prescott, freaking out all over again. He got all up in my face to accuse me of bullshit.

Even though I was scared because I know what he did to that girl in the bathroom, I was more furious.

Then the "girl in the bathroom" pulled up in a truck. My former best friend, Chloe Price.

We both looked at each other like WTF? Next thing I knew, I was in her truck as Warren earned his man card and tried to get Nathan off my ass. I owe Warren big-time. Seeing Chloe for the first time in five years was such a shock I was almost paralyzed. Especially after realizing that Nathan had almost killed her right in front of me.

Now Chloe shows up out of the blue to save me.

Of all the bizarro and unexplainable shit happening today, sitting in Chloe's battered truck, listening to music and staring at her dashboard bobblehead might be at the top.

So I tried to process the fact that Chloe and I were two best friends who didn't know each other anymore. She had blue hair, piercings, and cool boots and I ... I looked like a dork. I didn't know where to start and she wasn't exactly extending an olive branch.

So we sat like strangers. At least I had time to catch my breaath and realize that in the parking lot melee with Nathan and Warren, my camera got busted up. I didn't care considering everything else going on. But it sucked on top of everything else going on.

Going back to Chloe's old house for the first time in five years was like the ultimate rewind. Some things were obviously different, but some things weren't. The house smelled exactly the same as it did when we were growing up.

Chloe's room was like an exploded version of her new adult self, cool and chaotic. I could tell she was pissed. She wanted to blaze up and chill, so I explored her room to play catch up on what she was into these days.

Then I found a photo of Chloe with Rachel Amber. Chloe freaked and laid into me for not calling her once. I deserved it. She had become best friends with Rachel and they were going to bail on Arcadia Bay and head out to Los Angeles for fame and fortune. I could tell how much Chloe cared about Rachel since she was the one putting up the posters.

I felt even shittier about leaving Chloe alone all those years when she most needed me. You suck, Max. But Chloe is obsessed with Rachel, the missing girl. She says Rachel vanished after meeting some amazing dude ... probably some psycho online. Chloe wanted to smoke out and be alone so I went downstairs to find tools and fix my camera.

Snooping deeper, I hit the paranoia jackpot and found a whole mini-surveillance set-up of Chloe's house, with cameras in the halls and some rooms. Truly creepy shit. What kind of uber-paranoid puts cameras throughout his own home? Chloe's stepfather, I guess. I see why she's got serious attitude.

When I got back upstairs, I couldn't fix the stupid camera. But Chloe saw the butterfly photo and knew I was in the bathroom and set off the alarm. Her attitude totally changed and she realized that I had saved her life.

Even though it could have gone the other way ... She was so happy like when we were kids and it was great to see her face light up. She even gave me her dad's awesome old instamatic as a symbol of our reunion. She cranked up the tunes and started dancing on her bed like a maniac. She even got me to shake my booty. Just a bit.

That's when Chloe's stepfather showed up. And it was David Madsen.

  • Don't Hide
  • Take the blame
  • Don't take the blame

I couldn't hide and then David came in, angry about the music and that I was there. He was even scarier off campus because he didn't have the school around him. He accused Chloe of taking one of his guns.

  • Hide, but intervene
  • Remain hidden

I had to hide in the closet and then David came in, angry about the music. He was even scarier off campus because he didn't have the school around him. He accused Chloe of taking one of his guns.

Then shit got real. David found Chloe's joint and flipped out on her. I couldn't take it, considering she almost died that morning, and I stepped out and said it was my weed.

David tried to threaten me but Chloe was awesome and threatened him. He backed out of there quick. Chloe was so touched I took the blame.

Of course, she did steal one of David's guns and waved it around like an idiot. Too much firepower for this girl to encounter in one day. Or one life. Fortunately, Chloe and I decided to get out of there and catch up on our exploring ... like best friends.

So Chloe and I ended up at the lighthouse, watching the sunset. Chloe was mellow and told me more about David and his uber-paranoia at school and home. It all made sense.

But I wanted to know why Chloe was in that bathroom with Nathan Prescott. She told me he deals drugs and she wanted to blackmail him to pay off some big loan. It's so strange where our lives have gone since the last time we hung out when we were thirteen.

Then I had another nightmare. Or duskmare. I was right back at the lighthouse in a storm, except this time I was following a ghostly deer until I got to the edge of the cliff. I could see the tornado destroying everything in its path, and again I could feel the cold sting of the rain. The lighthouse was crumbling and I felt so helpless watching the tornado move towards the town.

Then Chloe snapped me out of the dream and I told her what I saw. And as if to make the day end on another unusual note, snow started falling from the sky in the warm sunset. It felt so weird, ominous and beautiful all at once.

Especially standing there with my best friend. And on that positive thought, I have officially earned a great night's sleep.

Tuesday Bearbeiten

October 8 Bearbeiten

I woke up this morning a different person. Even if nobody knows yet. After yesterday's intense revelations with my rewind power and saving Chloe's life among the other cray cray (as Victoria might say say) events at Blackwell, I have to assume everything is different now. And I thought exposing my photos to the world was going to be hard.

After Chloe dropped me off back at my dorm yesterday, I tried to find out more about that freak snowfall that happened when we were at the lighthouse, but the local meteorologists are stumped so far. I felt so jacked up that I pulled an all-nighter on time and physics research.

Not being Warren I ended up knowing less about my situation than when I started ...I don't really think that my tornado vision and the snowfall are connected, but at this point I have no fucking clue what to believe. I'm just so glad Chloe and I are a team again. That has to be destiny.

Now I have to hit the showers and get ready to meet Chloe for breakfast. Lord knows I need it.

I ran into Kate in the showers and she asked for "The October Country" back. I love that book and definitely need to get my own copy. Of course when I was in the shower, Victoria and Taylor barged in and totally started ragging on poor Kate about the video. Just to be complete assholes they wrote the link on the mirror.

I truly don't understand how they get off on acting like that. Victoria has EVERYTHING. What does she gain by being a bully to Kate Marsh? We're supposed to be adults here, but I swear it's like "Battle Royale" - just without the dystopia and exploding heads. Only Victoria could make me feel dirty in a shower.

The plot thickens. And I can't get out.

  • Hide the Truth and Make fun of Victoria
  • Tell on Nathan and Comfort Victoria
  • Tell on Nathan and Make fun of Victoria
  • Hide the Truth and Comfort Victoria

So after listening to Victoria and Taylor rag on Kate about the video, I came back to my room to find it TRASHED. Or at least messier than it was before.

Now I have to clean up just to find Kate's book ... I bet Victoria did this because of that paint photo yesterday. I should've expected swift retribution. Another day, another drama..

As if things here weren't dramatic enough, I got a creepy text from a private number. Nathan? Victoria? No clue. I really have to start watching my back.

I still had to give Kate's book back, so I went to her room. I knew she wasn't doing good, but I didn't know how bad until I went in. All the lights were off, blinds closed, like some emo-goth den. And Kate is the opposite of emo or goth. She was just crying in the dark, and it was so sad to see her like this. More sad is that I wished I could take a picture of her framed in her expressionist misery.

Kate admitted that she thinks something more happened to her than just a video. Plus she told me that Nathan Prescott gave her a ride from the party to the ER ...and she thinks he did something to her, but she doesn't remember what. It's hard not to believe Kate considering what kind of person she is and what kind of person Nathan is. I've seen for myself exactly what that fucker is capable of.

Of course, Kate asked if she should go to the police and the principal ...

  • Go to the Police
  • Gather Evidence

I told Kate she should absolutely go to them. Other people could be in danger ...But Kate also said she would use me as her backup, which kind of scares me because of this text threat. Should I be getting this involved when somebody is obviously stalking me or worse already? This is getting freakier than I can handle ...Super Max ...NOT!

I ran into Warren-or rather, Warren was waiting to run into me. Naturally he wanted to know what the hell happened in the parking lot with "The Chloe and Nathan Show." Once again, I felt like a dick because I should have gotten ahold of Warren to see if he was okay after we just left him in the lot ...I do owe Warren.

I only told him a little about what was going on with Nathan. The less he knows, the better for him. I would love to at least tell him about my ability to fucking reverse time and space, but ironically I don't think it's the right time or space ...Besides, he would want to marry me immediately, just so he could have his own human time machine. Or capture me for scientific experiments ...Or make me go to the drive-in with him.

  • Agree to the movie
  • Decline the movie

Oh wait ...I did say I would go to the drive-in with him. Hope he doesn't make a lame move on me ...(Not that he would, egomaniac.) Warren and I do have a lot in common, but he's like a supercool geek brother ... Anyway, I definitely need a movie escape.

Before catching the bus out to meet Chloe I saw Nathan talking to David, which made me nervous. Otherwise I had a nice soundtracked ride to the Two Whales Diner. Talk about going back in time ...I haven't seen the diner in five years, but it looks exactly the same. Although now there are way less fishermen and way more dumped food carts than when we were kids. Chloe and I had the best backdrop to play pirate: old ships and a big ocean.

Chloe was late (duh!) so I was happy to be distracted by seeing Joyce again. The diner is like a museum piece, except with customers. Better still, the food hasn't changed at all. Joyce seemed really glad to see me again and she didn't give me a guilt trip for not staying in touch. After William died, she wanted to move forward with a new life and husband. Chloe doesn't want to accept that.

  • If you took the blame earlier
  • If you didn't take the blame


So much drama and I haven't even finished my breakfast!

Finally Chloe showed up, more bubbly than I would have thought after almost getting killed in a bathroom yesterday. It makes me happy to see her smile. But that smile meant trouble, since all she really wanted was for me to show off my rewind power. So I did and I have to admit, I felt like a total boss. Except I did start feeling weak and woozy the more I rewound. I even got a nosebleed, which kinda freaked me out.

Chloe always wants more, so she demanded we go to her top-secret lair ...

  • Didn't answer Kate's call
  • Answered Kate's call

Kate called, but I didn't answer because Chloe was giving me the stink eye. And to be honest, I don't like Kate being so needy toward me. Even though I keep acting like I'm her spiritual bodyguard. Man, I do suck. I'll make it up to Kate. At least Chloe is happy ...

Just when I thought shit couldn't get crazier.

Chloe took me to her secret lair: the city dump. Perfect for Halloween where the vehicle and appliance ghosts of Arcadia Bay come to rot and rust. Urban dystopia porn. But, instead of taking cool photos, Chloe had me do some silly kinda fun gun tricks.

Until the guy Chloe owes money to showed up. Some skeevy guy called Frank. He demanded Chloe pay him back ...or else. I was shocked that he wasn't the loan shark I had expected, but I could literally feel his bad vibe. I still can't see how my best friend ended up involved with a loser like Frank.

  • Tried to shoot Frank
  • Didn't try to shoot Frank

And I almost shot him.

He pulled a knife on us and it felt like another one of my dreams. I don't even remember aiming the gun at him, but my finger just tapped against the trigger ...Thank God there were no bullets left. I could have used my rewind, but the way my head was throbbing ...who knows? I can't assume my power will always be available ...I don't know anything about how this works-or how long-so I can't take anything for granted. I just know I'm never holding another gun.

After all that dramarama volume xxxiii, Chloe and I ended up taking a walk along the tracks deep in the woods. We both needed to hear nothing but the sounds of nature and wildlife ...I was shaking inside from our encounter with Frank and though Chloe fronts tough, I could tell she was shaken too.

She told me everything about Frank-which explains why she was trying to blackmail Nathan. It shocks me that the girl I grew up with watching "SpongeBob" ended up in such a scary orbit. Still, I felt safer with her at my side and I was glad we had a moment of peace.

So it probably wasn't the best idea to lay down on the tracks and wax about life, etc.-as Chloe's leg got caught in the rail just as the goddamn train showed up. Of course I was off trying to take a photo for my portfolio ...and then I had another quick flash of my tornado vision.

I could see it, almost feel it, tearing the sky apart ...My head felt like it was exploding, like in that 80's film "Scanners." Just as fast as the vision came in, it disappeared. I may be in denial about what this apocalyptic image means ...or doesn't ...

Then I heard Chloe SCREAMING for help. And I was shittin' kittens.

Her foot was stuck in the damn rail and naturally the train was comin' round the mountain.

  • Damaged the train tracks
  • Did not damage the train tracks


Our morning adventure over, Chloe dropped me off back at my campus. She was so sweet and said that this had been the best week of her life ...despite everything.

That made me feel so AWESOME! Chloe really sees us like we're taking over the world ...but what if I hadn't been able to use my rewind power to get her off of the tracks? Chloe might have to lower her expectations ...and so will I.

  • Did not take blame for Chloe
  • Took blame for Chloe

Speaking of expectations, David talked to me without being a total prick. I wanted to tear him a new one for hitting Chloe (thinking I could rewind if things got out of control) and he didn't seem sufficiently sorry to me. I know Chloe provokes him, but that's no fucking excuse to hit someone, especially a family member. I see that David is sorry and trying to reach out to me. I know he saw terrible things in combat. I just can't trust him and his paranoid surveillance fetish, especially with how weird he acts with Kate - like she's a criminal. I'll give David props for trying to smoke the peace pipe with me, but he acts like he's still at war.

Something odd happened - as if EVERYTHING happened isn't bizarro - but I saw Kate having an intense conversation with Mr. Jefferson and she ended up practically running away from him in tears. I wish I could have casually asked, "Oh by the way, what's up with Kate?" (Like he would tell me anyway.) I know Kate treats Jefferson like he's an apostle or something what did he say to make her so upset?

Just when I was feeling good about Chloe and me, I walk into Jefferson's class and see Nathan and Victoria actually sitting on my desk. Unreal ...Asshole bookends.

  • Saved Kate
  • Didn't save Kate

Kate Marsh almost killed herself.

My hands are still shaking, but I have to write this down while I can. Right at the start of Jefferson's class, Kate went to the roof of the girls' dorm to jump. Every student and teacher was watching her, like it was a Blackwell rooftop concert.

I saw her actually jump, but I was just about able to use my rewind to get her back on the roof. I tried harder than I ever did and somehow I stopped time completely ...I made it to the roof, but again my head felt like it was going to blow up ...I knew that I couldn't just keep rewinding to save Kate. I had to try and talk her down on my own.

She was already in so much pain over the video and all the bullying, so she wasn't going to buy everything I tried to tell her. You see movies with people trying to talk somebody out of suicide, but it's very different when I'm the one doing the talking. I covered everything I could and Kate almost jumped anyway. Cliché or not, I told her how much her friends and family love her, even if they don't show all show it now.

Lo and behold, Kate stepped back from the ledge. Alive. I almost cried in her arms.

I know this isn't about me - though I have to admit it was an amazing feeling to walk arm in arm with Kate from the roof to outside the dorm. Like I said, the whole school - and police - were watching us almost completely silent. Then I heard what sounded like Logan yelling out, "Give it up for Max!" and everybody started to clap and cheer. Talk about surreal ...the people who ignored me or treated me like crap suddenly crushing on me. That might be the strangest thing that's happened to me this insane week ...

And that made me wonder if Victoria was watching and how she felt about all this. I almost wanted to find her ...just to get in her smug face for enabling Kate's suicide attempt. Such cruel bullshit. Though, to be fair, Victoria wasn't the only one that was responsible ...Nathan Prescott seemed to have disappeared ...Which was probably a good thing.

And after all that I still had to talk to the police and give a statement. Felt so weird to do since I've seen it in pretty much every police procedural show. I had to lie my ass off when he questioned me about the other students, because I just don't think the police are ever going to find out what happened. Yes, this looks like a job for SUPER MAX. Right. Though of course, I do love it when Chloe calls me that, even if I don't feel that everyday heroic for helping Kate down ...Maybe it's wrong for me to think I have to feel anything but grateful that Kate didn't jump ...

What was really odd was when all the students and faculty staff surrounded me and Kate, then started patting our backs and shoulders we were heroes.

I wasn't sure how to respond, considering Kate almost threw herself off the roof because of everybody at school. But like I said, I can't blame everybody ...and I still don't really know where to point all my fingers ...

The very best thing was that even though Kate was still in tears and confused ...I definitely saw her smile once she realized how happy everybody was that she was alive. I smiled too. The police and paramedics swooped in and then Kate was covered in a blanket and gently escorted to the ambulance. They didn't thank me or look at me like I was a hero. I guess they're used to saving people without applause ...

But if I'm super honest felt pretty cool. Like I got a hug from the whole school. So, maybe Blackwell Academy isn't totally bad ...

It's not enough that Kate is alive, and though I'm not enough of an egomaniac to take the credit, I still had to get the Blackwell third-degree from Principal Wells. It was bizarre to be in his tacky office with Nathan Prescott, David Madsen and Mr. Jefferson calmly talking about why Kate would attempt suicide. I was quiet but giddy inside, just replaying in my head the moment when Kate stepped toward me with a glimmer of hope in her eyes ...

  • Blame Nathan

Part of me wanted to smash Nathan's smug face against the desk, knowing he had a lot to do with Kate's suicide attempt. I thought about doing it, then flipping a quick rewind, but I knew that would be the start of a bad, dangerous habit.

  • Reported Nathan and blame Nathan
  • Didn't report Nathan and blame Nathan

Fortunately, Principal Wells amazingly did the right thing and BOOTED Nathan for a few days, after I told him what happened in the bathroom. He must have more shit on Nathan, because otherwise I doubt this would happen to a Prescott. That's some small justice for Kate. There'll be more, if it's the last thing I do. Which it could be if I'm not careful ...

  • Blame David

Until I told Principal Wells that I saw David harassing Kate. That set David off and part of me wanted to kick him in the balls knowing he had something to do with Kate's suicide, maybe more. I thought about doing it, then flipping a quick rewind, but I knew that would be the start of a bad, dangerous habit.

  • Took photo of David harassing Kate and blame David
  • Intervened when David was harassing Kate and blame David


  • Blame Jefferson

Still, I ended up telling the Principal that I saw Kate crying after she talked with Mr. Jefferson. I wasn't trying to blame him, I just thought it was important information.

Maybe I fucked up, narcing on the one person I respect the most at Blackwell ...I could see Mr. Jefferson was disappointed in me too. The Principal was more upset, because he pulled Jefferson out from representing the school at the "Everyday Heroes" contest. I didn't expect that at all. I'm so confused right now ...How can I keep going to Mr. Jefferson's class after I ruined his reputation?

And do I still have to give him a photo for the contest?

  • Saved Kate and no action being taken

So Kate Marsh is in the hospital and it's business as usual here. What am I going to do now?

  • Saved Kate
  • Didn't save Kate

After being grilled in the principal's den, I hung out with Warren on the lawn so I could feel grass under my feet and watch the fluffy clouds. He's such a sweetheart, he kept telling me how proud he was that I stopped Kate from jumping. I don't believe that I did, but I have to say it's better to be treated like a hero at school than like a twee loser.

Still, I told Warren that something ominous is happening at Blackwell Academy. Rachel Amber, Chloe and now Kate have all been victims. Not to mention me, if I keep playing amateur detective. Wish I could have let Warren know about my power, but it's not the right time if anything is the right time anymore.

And to make the day end on the most surreal note possible, the sky went dark and we watched a solar eclipse that was not announced on the news or any astronomy site.

What is happening to Arcadia Bay?