Kristine Prescott ist Nathan Prescotts ältere Schwester, sie ist momentan in Brazilien. Max sah Kristines E-Mail in Nathans Computer in Episode 4.

Kristines E-Mail Bearbeiten

Don't worry

To: Nathan Prescott

From: Kristine Prescott

Tudo bem from Brazil, Little Brother! It's been too long since I've heard from you so please let me know what's going on i your exciting scholastic life at Blackwell. I brag to all my co-workers in the Peace Corps that my talented brother Nate got a full scholarship to one of the best art school in the world. Even though I can't always check my mail or phone, pleasepleaseplease send me some new photos of campus so I can live vicariously through your lens. I miss you and your pictures.

And yes, mother told me that you've been in truoble and father has been on your ass, but you have toi either ignore him or stand up to him. You know I love Dad, Nate, but I am also in a jungle halfway across the world because of him. He's a bully who inherited power not wisdom and the only way to win against one is to fight back. Don't let him change you into one just for the family "legacy". End of lecture. You're at school, so I just wated to make you feel at home :)

Back to the mangrove. Sending out good thoiughts. Better write back or I'll have a jaguar shipped to your dorm!